Ed Brown Centennial 1911

Quick History: Ed Brown Firearms

[caption id="attachment_6245" align="alignleft" width="300"] Ed Brown 1911 Centennial Edition[/caption] The Quick History of Ed Brown There have been a lot of handguns produced in the past; some of them managed to survive, and others have surrendered from the stiff competition. Among those who survived, there are special firearms, and there are those that became an... Read more

CZ Firearms Company

Quick History: CZ Firearms

[caption id="attachment_4082" align="alignleft" width="284"] CZ Firearm Company[/caption] The Quick History of CZ Firearms - Originally founded as Austro-Hungarian artillery in 1918, the factory originally went from repairing railway cars and military rifles to developing and producing their own small arms. The assembly of the rifles that replaced the German Mauser rifles began in the year... Read more

Chiappa Firearms

Quick History: Chiappa Firearms

[caption id="attachment_3575" align="alignleft" width="300"] Chiappa Firearms Company[/caption] Quick History of Chiappa Firearms Based in Bresica, Italy, Chiappa Firearms is one of the most popular and trusted firearm manufacturing companies in Italy which was founded in 1958. Currently, it produces over 60,000 units per year which makes it one of the leading Italian firearm manufacturers. This company is known for its... Read more

Beretta Arms Feature

Quick History: Beretta Arms

[caption id="attachment_3269" align="alignleft" width="300"] Beretta Arms[/caption] Quick History of Beretta There is a remarkable history behind one of the oldest firearm companies, Beretta Arms which started in the year 1526. Not only because the firearms are functional for the last 489 years but also due to the fact that it was entirely managed by the Beretta... Read more

Quick History: Benelli Arms

[caption id="attachment_1747" align="alignleft" width="300"] Benelli Arms[/caption] Quick History of Benelli Arms If you are a firearms enthusiast, you probably have heard of the Benelli Arms company. That is because Benelli is considered to be one of the biggest names in firearm history. But what you may not know there is more to the company than just your... Read more

Quick History: Israel Weapon Industries (IWI)

[caption id="attachment_1344" align="alignleft" width="300"] Israel Weapon Industries[/caption] Quick History:  Israel Weapon Industries Israel Weapon Industries also known as IWI is a world leader in production of small arms and has been operation for at least seven decades. The company is a member of the SK Group, which is formed by a number of companies that manufacture... Read more