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AK-47 Rifle: A Quick History

Quick History of the AK-47 Rifle Have you ever wondered where the AK-47 rifle came from? The name for this infamous rifle comes from the Russian words Avtomat Kalashnikov, which showcases its automatic firing abilities, as well as honouring its famous designer. The number 47 is the year of 1947 when the trials for an... Read more

1911 Handgun Quick History

1911 Pistol: A Quick History

Image:  M1911A1 Quick History of the 1911 Pistol If you are an owner of a firearm, the more you know about their history, the legacy and the functions, the better. Getting to know your firearm as much as you can allows you to truly understand the device, and within which situations it has been used... Read more

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AR-15 Rifle: A Quick History

IMAGE:  AR-15 Rifle AR-15 Rifle:  A Quick Look at its History When you talk about guns and weapons, one that will surely be mentioned is the AR-15 rifle. Also popularly known as Black Rifle or America’s Gun, it has extensive history and has been redesigned in the past years, until it became what is known... Read more