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  • Blair calls CCFR members “violent extremists”

    Blair calls gun lobby members “extremists” The Liberal Party Policy Convention is in full swing and with it, some of the most divisive, hate-inciting behavior from our favorite Minister, Bill Blair. Blair took part in a panel discussion yesterday afternoon titled “Keeping Communities Safe” featuring Blair himself, MP Joel Lightbound and a few others. The […]
  • Episode 89 SOURCE: CCFR RADIO
  • SAF Warns Biden Admin: ‘Step Over Your Legal Authority, We’ll Sue’

    April 08, 2021 By Second Amendment Foundation The Second Amendment Foundation today warned the Biden Administration that if it steps over its legal authority with any executive action or order regarding the constitutionally-protected right to keep and bear arms, legal action is a certainty. President Joe Biden has announced what an administration official calls “an […]
  • Montana Command Authority Bill Raises Founding Intent Militia Concerns

    (Shutterstock photo) April 06, 2021 By David Codrea A bill pertaining to control of armed forces in Montana has passed through the legislature with little fanfare. HB 31, a bill short-titled “Clarify Terminology on Military Titles and Command Authority,” received just short of unanimous bipartisan support in both the House and the Senate. “The adjutant […]
  • Buckeye Firearms Foundation Wins Fast-Fire Devices Lawsuit Against Cincinnati

    April 02, 2021 By Buckeye Firearms Association On Tuesday, March 30, 2021, the Ohio Supreme Court handed Buckeye Firearms Foundation a victory in BFF v. Cincinnati, a nearly three-year-old case concerning Cincinnati’s “bump stock” ban. As a result, the City of Cincinnati is no longer permitted to enforce its ordinance. “This is a massive victory,” […]