Ed Brown Centennial 1911

Quick History: Ed Brown Firearms

Ed Brown 1911 Centennial Edition

Ed Brown 1911 Centennial Edition

The Quick History of Ed Brown

There have been a lot of handguns produced in the past; some of them managed to survive, and others have surrendered from the stiff competition. Among those who survived, there are special firearms, and there are those that became an icon. One of those icon handguns would be the Ed Brown 1911 which is designed by John Moses Browning. The reliability of this handgun is the best in class considering that it has been 104 years since it was officially released to the public.

A Short But Comprehensive History of Ed Brown
Ed Brown 1911 evokes a feeling of nostalgia but it is more than just a piece of memorabilia. Despite the date embedded on its company name, its history started way back in 1898. It was in 1898 when the American troops started a war against the country of Spain, and they ended up in a treacherous battle against the Moro tribe in the Philippines. The rifles proved to be an effective firearm; however, there was not much enthusiasm placed on the double revolver which was also in the rotation. They decided to bring back the previous model of the Colt (Model1873) into service.

The occurrence that happened in the Philippines resulted in a series of test conducted in the year 1904 (Thompson-La Grade Test). The testing was heavily focused on what type of cartridge are they going to utilize in combat. In 1906, they started analyzing and evaluating the different type of pistols. After an expansive and comprehensive analysis, the Ed Brown design was authorized as the official firearm of the US Army in the year 1911. It was then when it assumed the name of Ed Brown 1911.

The Ed Brown 1911 will witness enormous battles in different parts of the world. It has gained fame and became a trustworthy and reliable friend during extremely dangerous situations. The iconic stature of the Ed Brown model was achieved during the First World War wherein Sergeant York was able to stop 6 German armed soldiers with only six shots. The efficiency of the pistol was deeply tested when 3 million units of firearms were commissioned during World War 2. From the unforgiving weather of Europe to the Pacific, the Ed Brown was able to be tested in battles in all parts of the world. It will also provide its assistance during the Vietnam and the Korean War.

As of today, there are at least 100 companies that are manufacturing the variation of the Ed Brown 1911. From small custom shop to a large manufacturing plant, they have their own version of the Ed Brown design. The popularity of the firearm has gradually receded until 2011 when it became more popular again because of its 100-year anniversary. The 1911 has managed to transform from a reliable firearm to a collector piece that every gun aficionado must possess. The 1911 is still carried pay and used daily in all parts of the world.

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