Chiappa Firearms

Quick History: Chiappa Firearms

Chiappa Firearms Company

Chiappa Firearms Company

Quick History of Chiappa Firearms

Based in Bresica, Italy, Chiappa Firearms is one of the most popular and trusted firearm manufacturing companies in Italy which was founded in 1958. Currently, it produces over 60,000 units per year which makes it one of the leading Italian firearm manufacturers. This company is known for its modern and progressive take both in its designs and operations. While keeping traditional craftsmen to maintain its old-school and trusted designs of firearms, Chiappa employs high technology devices and modern firearm experts in order to make sure their firearms are in line with the modern standards and expectations. With all the experiments in mingling traditionalism and modernity, Chiappa ensures that each and every unit that comes out of their factories provide the highest of quality. 

Beginning of Chiappa Firearms

Ezechiele Chiappa was the founder of the company who started his career in Tanfoglio as an employee involving in the production line. Due to his utter dedication in the craft and the work ethic, he was promoted as the manager of production when he was only 22 years old. His expertise was in revolvers which were popular in early 1950s. In 1958, the owner of the firearm company he worked at abruptly passed away which forced the owners wife to sell the company and Chiappa.  He then lost his job.  However, his expertise and interest in the firearms business, keeps him in the industry. He then decided to make his own manufacturing company when he was only 29 years old. In the first few stages of the company it was called Armi Sport, and it manufactured mainly replica firearms which were popular due to America’s Wild West. Movies and television series made them popular and they had a great demand in the market due to that reason. Eventually, the company expanded not only in European markets but also American markets as well. 

Growth of Chiappa Firearms Company

 Ezechiele Chiappa’s son Rino got into the industry at a young age, literally growing up among firearms and learning about them. He brought the modern knowledge and perspective to the traditional family business, which increased the sales and the popularity highly in the market. In mid 80s, with his on-hand experience, knowledge and expertise, Rino took over the management of the company keeping his father as a consultant. The company was renovated with modern machinery which replaced the time-consuming process of handmade guns. By 2002, a whole new company was opened, which was competitive in technology and traditional in the overall quality and design. This was when the name Chiappa Firearms was assigned to the company, which a high expansion of the production and client countries. Currently, the company exports their products to over 62 countries all around the world.

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