Quick History: Benelli Arms

Benelli Arms

Benelli Arms

Quick History of Benelli Arms

If you are a firearms enthusiast, you probably have heard of the Benelli Arms company. That is because Benelli is considered to be one of the biggest names in firearm history. But what you may not know there is more to the company than just your traditional firearms. More than 100 yrs ago the company was created by manufacturing wheels not firearms.

Company History

In the year 1911, a widow by the name of Teresa Benelli, who was a mother of 6 sons, decided it was time to make an investment in the future of her children, by opening her own garage service station in the city of Pasaro, Italy. Here she offered vehicle repair services and the development of spare parts for vehicles. Little did Teresa realize that her family name would be recognized around the world as a one of the best firearm companies.

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Shortly after the garage was opened, her sons were not only working on motorcycles but they also started to build them. But that wasn’t everything her sons wanted to accomplish. They were all avid hunters and believed in a larger much more successful future for shotguns. In the year 1967, the creation of the Benelli brand of firearms came to be, with the help of a designer by the name of Bruno Civolani, the inventor of a piston driven by inertia that Benelli is known for. This system has been known for its efficiency in chambering a new round and then recocking the pin. It kick off the production and brand for the Benelli Arms company name.

Bengali M2 Tactical

Bengali M2 Tactical

During the same year, the mayor of the city of Urbino gave the family land free of charge, with the hope that the factory would boost the economy locally. This factory became the manufacturing home for the Benelli Arms, which is still opened to this day.

In 1983, the company was then purchased by the Beretta Company but it still focuses on technology and innovation through research. They are working to create some of the most well made and advanced firearms around. In the year 2002, the company celebrated the achievement of the creation and production of more than 2 million firearms over the past 40 years. To celebrate, the company created a custom shotgun which was named, the Bimillionaire to recognize this achievement.


Around 90 percent of the firearms that are produced from Benelli are used for competitive shooting and hunting. Only around 10 percent of their production is for military and law enforcement personnel. They are manufactured all at their state of the art plant at their original location in Urbino Italy. The company still produces over 227,000 firearms each year. They create high performing and reliable firearms, some of the highest quality on the market today.

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