GIVEAWAY: Kel-Tec RFB .308 Bullpup! – UPDATE

Our giveaway has been extended to March 31, 2017 – we have had a few delays and wanted to give the promotion a little more time as we have been held up for the past few months and could not preform all the things we wanted to during the original time frame for this giveaway.  All Rounds earned so far will stay in place so your efforts have not been waisted.

Kel-Tec RFB .308 Giveaway

Kel-Tec RFB .308 Giveaway


This time around we have changed how the winner will be selected.  We have a new points system that everyone will be able to see.  Almost everything you do on the site will earn “Rounds” (points).  The more you do the more you earn.  Everything you do will have different Round values for example if you post a forum topic you get 10 Rounds, upload a video 50 rounds…..  Just being active on the site while logged in and viewing other peoples post will earn you Rounds!

Bonus Days!  Randomly we will do bonus days this is when certain activities will earn extra Rounds.  Just check the forum as we will post when they are happing and what the bonus Rounds will be rewarded for.

In about a week after this contest starts there will be a leaderboard posted so everyone can see who they need to beat to win!

This is a fairly long contest so whoever stays active on a regular basis will probably win!  Please keep that in mind!


1.)  Signup (FREE).  Already a member?  Thats ok too!  (Earn 200 Rounds just for signing up!)

2.)  Be as active as possible on our forum/site.  With QUALITY posts/comments.  The more you post the more rounds you earn. (Earn 10 Rounds per post)

3.)  Post a gun shop, shooting range, event or training centre to our directory.  Fill in images and details as much as possible.  (Earn 30 Rounds)

4.)  Upload your videos of hunting, fishing and of course any firearms related videos.  (Earn 50 rounds per upload)

5.)  Basically you will earn points for almost every action on the site including just looking around!  (must be logged in)

END/DRAW DATE:  March 31st, 2017


1.) No spamming

2.) No silly posts/comments.  For example:  Cool site, like your post……

3.)  Only one account per person.  People with multiple accounts will be banned.

4.)  Any moderated (removed) comments, posts, uploads…. will remove the value of the Rounds for the removed item from the member as well as a little extra so please keep it clean and the quality high!

5.) Canadian Residents Only

6.)  Winner must send pictures and/or post them once item has been received so we can post them.  Pictures minus the face of the winner is ok.  We respect your right to privacy and we will NOT post your real name unless you request it.  You will need to provide the gun shop a copy of your Pal and your real name and shipping info.  We do not even see it!  Again we have no interest in your personal data.


The winner of the giveaway will be the person who is on top of the leaderboard which can be found on most pages of the site.  Winners of previous contests WILL be eligible to win again.  Its that simple!  We will be monitoring points earned throughout the contest to ensure all points are calculated correctly.

Start right now!
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