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Review – Gator-Hide Bolt Tube Sleeve

Gator-Hide Bolt Sleeve Installed

Gator-Hide Bolt Sleeve Installed

Finally I have gotten around to writing a quick review about the Gator-Hide Bolt Tube Sleeve for the Kel-Tec Sub 2000 Gen 2.  I am honestly still on the fence as to weather it helps or not, at least for the reason I would purchase one.  I don’t think I waisted my money by any means but I was hoping for a more noticeable result.

Reasons to purchase:
For me I would purchase this to help with a more comfortable cheek weld as stated in my Kel-Tec Sub 2000 review its rather snappy and smacks my cheek bone and by the end of a 150 rounds or more my cheek is rather soar.  I have now ran about 800 or so rounds with Gator-Hide bolt tube sleeve on the rifle and did notice that its more comfortable but I am also learning to shoot the rifle more comfortably so I cannot say how much the sleeve helped.

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Other reasons that may make the sleeve more beneficial is in cold weather and to shield you from the heat of the tube itself.  It would prevent your check from pressing against cold/hot metal if you shoot in cold temperature or run a decent amount of rounds through the rifle fast.  For this I would say it would be beneficial.  I don’t find the tube gets to hot without the sleeve.

Cost: $24.99

The quality of the sleeve is good.  It fits nicely and stays in place and lines up with all openings as it should.

Instillation of the Gator-Hide sleeve is not hard but it takes a little time to get the sleeve on the tube.  To make the sliding of the sleeve onto the tube way easier put a little lube on the rifles tube and once I did that the sleeve went on without an issue.  For the actual install all you do is remove the butt stock, bolt charging handle and slide the tube on.

The only real drawback to having this on your rifle is that it prevents you from adjusting the butt stock.  You have to have the butt stock fully extended.  For me this is not an issue as I am a fairly large guy so I need it fully extended anyway.  But if your small this could be an issue.  I read online that some people can cut it down by hand so that you can close the butt stock to the mid position but I haven’t tried that.  The stock on the Kel-Tec Sub 2000 has 3 positions that the butt stock can be adjusted to.

Overal as mentioned above for me I wouldn’t remove it as I do find some benefit to the Gator-Hide bolt tube sleeve but I cannot see a huge upside.  I don’t regret the purchase as I do think it provides some benefit and the price was not to steep.


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