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Review: Ballistol Multi-Purpose Lubricant Cleaner

Ballistol Multi-Purpose Lubricant Cleaner


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While searching for the best gun lubricant/cleaner I came accross Ballistol many years ago and have finally gotten around to doing a review. By using it for years I am not implying it necessarily the best at cleaning or even lubricant. I do believe it does both very well and as you will read later in this review it offers many other advantages. Nevertheless their top-selling and highly rated products talk volumes of thir lubricant/cleaner quality.

Ballistol began as a small company in Germany but it didn’t take long due to its necessity to become well known and highly sought after. The German Imperial Army was in dire need of a firearm clean/lubricant, one that would be strong on the wood finishes of their firearms and metallic components, along with leather and wounds yes, even wounds were cleaned with Ballistol. Following the wars, Ballistol become a regular home remedy in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland similar to WD-40 in the United States.

So what makes Ballistol so useful and well rated?  One of the reasons is that for over 40 years it was used in the Army as a gun cleaner and lubricant which proved it merits as a durable cleaner and lubricant. The German company was commissioned in creating a gun cleaner which may do multiple things in one bottle.  It had to clean, protect, and preserve. Ballistol achieved their goal and more.

Their new product wasn’t just a superior gun cleaner/lubricant, but additionally it made the cleanup process substantially easier by reducing the requirement for scratching and cleaning. Not to mention they could clean and protect all their firearms and other items from the rain, mud… and only carry one bottle, not multiple products. There are tons of features which make their product stand out, for example its exceptional penetrative and protective abilities. Ballistol’s especially made viscosity enables the oil to creep into those hard to reach nooks and crannies and loosen up the components, and create a exceptional protective layer.

Ballistol’s historic success is largely due to their high-tech technologies at the time; this oil readily competes with the most modern of its competition still to this day. Unlike the vast majority of other gun cleaners/lubricants, if Ballistol oil comes into contact with water, it remains on the exterior of whatever your cleaning.  I know when I wash my gun with Ballistol, it won’t become sticky or over oily like some other products on the market. It also stays not he firearm when being stored for long periods of time.

When using this oil you not need to be concerned about rust and it will counteract the effects of corrosive ammo.  When shooting corrosive ammo I still recommend washing your gun with windex or something similar first before using Ballistol, just for an added precaution.  By doing this you will 100% stop the affects of the residue from corrosive primers.

The bottle states “multipurpose,” and they truly mean it, Ballistol is the epitome of that. Lots of women and men who have never shot a firearm before use Ballistol due to its wide-range of uses.  The Aerosol or a pump spray can and a pack of wipes is the ideal addition to any dedicated gun enthusiast’s range/hunting bag. It is the perfect cleaner for protecting all kinds of firearms, and practically anything else really.  I use it for door hinges and anything else that needs some lubricant, excluding body parts of course!   It works great on metals, wood, leathers, in addition to plastics. I have heard folks use it to polish silver and brass.  They even state that its environmentally-friendly and none cancer inducing.  A lot of people don’t realize the impact of  perspiration has on your firearm.  Aside from the effect of carbon-build on a firearm, sweat can quickly become more damaging and will cause rust.  This product takes care of that instantly upon contact with sweat.

Ballistol is made from a plant and not harsh chemicals.  One of the nice things about Ballistol lubricant/cleaner is that it does not have toxic fumes (according to the manufacturer) or horrible smells.  It has a fairly strong odour but not as bad as other brands of cleaners. I don’t even open a window when cleaning with it.  Additionally, I don’t feel the requirement to utilize any gloves when using Ballistol which is nice as I really hate wearing latex gloves.

After researching the history and ingredients of Ballistol, and using it for many years on my own gun collection, I think I may have discovered the best all around CLP.  It does not break down some lead build up as easy as some other more harsh cleaners on the market but it does do the job with ease in most cases.  Ballistol is a product that is unique in many ways, because as mentioned previously it is non-toxic, cleans many different materials, has been used for medical purposes, is plant based and was invented many years ago.

This German lubricant won’t only wash; additionally, it will leave your firearm with an impenetrable shield against rust. The engineers behind Ballistol cleverly invented their petroleum product with the most effective, top-quality ingredients that are good at cleaning and penetrating smoothly. Among many things that make Ballistol different than your normal gun cleaner.

Firearm owners, the army and many other people have used Ballistol for generations and I highly recommend this product and see it being popular for many years.

Please feel free to rate this product yourself by commenting and rating it below in the comment section. We would love to hear your feedback!

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