etymotic electronic ear protection

REVIEW: Etymotic – GSP 15 GunSport PRO Electronic Earplugs

Etymotic - GSP15 GunSport Pro Electronic Earplugs: I will post the specifics from the manufacturer below my review so you can get the full specs on these electronic earplugs.  I have owned the Etymotic GSP15 GunSport Pro Electronic Earplugs for over a year and love them. Lets start with the good things first.  The main... Read more

Dagger Sap6 Shotgun

Review – Dagger SAP6 12G Pump Shotgun

Review - Dagger SAP6 12 Gauge Pump Shotgun - Non-Restricted  (Retail:  $599-$779) I was attracted to this shotgun because of a few reasons. 1.)  Compact & Light Weight 2.)  Magazine fed 3.)  Up to 11 round capacity.  (Pretty cool) I have used a few shotguns and most of them have been fairly large and heavy.  Such as... Read more