fraser valley no shooting areas

BC Restricts Fraser Valley Crown Land Shooting Areas

fraser valley no shooting areas

The province of BC is restricting gun use areas in the Fraser Valley.  I cannot say I am surprised that this has happened.  Doesn’t mean I agree as its crown land and we should be able to use it. We are again being punished for the small group of people who don’t give a dam.  I know the trash left behind is a problem and think we ALL should be cleaning up after ourselves.  To me, that’s common sense.  But the input from first nations and RCMP that helped select these area’s, is a joke, maybe consult the public, maybe put larger fines on people being reckless with firearms or leaving trash behind as both are illegal now as far as I am aware.  Just makes me mad, the RCMP will ban anything they can if it means less work for them.  A lot of first nations will vote to ban anything they can as they want to limit everyone else as much as possible as they usually are not affected and I don’t think the area’s mentioned are native land?

In terms of the fines for shooting in areas that have now been deemed off limits:

“Gun users who ignore the restrictions face fines of up to $50 000 and six months in jail for a first offence, and as much as a $100,000 fine and a year in jail for subsequent convictions.”

Are you kidding me!  To put this into perspective a guy cut a man’s head off on a bus and ate some of the individual.  An officer who attended the scene killed himself sometime after, I am sure because of the mental stress from seeing this.  That person got a total of 5 years and is now free and walking around WITHOUT any monitoring, none.  You shoot in the bush in a restricted area and get caught you go to jail for 6 months and a $50,000 fine!  Not to mention legal fees if you are even allowed a defense.  Crazy

If we keep putting more laws and regulations in place every time there are a few people not being considerate or following basic logic, we are all going to be living in a very boring world.

Original Article On BC Government Site:

No Shooting Area’s Map PDF

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