CCFR Integrity March – Exhaustive Details

Thanks for reading this. I’ll warn you in advance, there is a lot of information contained within this one link, but we are determined to cover every base. Share this link with your friends, family, clubs and favorite retailers. It is imperative that if there is any way humanly possible for you to come to... Read more

An O’Toole win – what it means for Gun Owners

After a historic leadership race, embattled with Covid restrictions and mail-in voting only, the Conservative Party of Canada has a new leader, anxious to take on the Trudeau Liberals and their gun grabbing agenda. Erin O’Toole, an RCAF Veteran, lawyer, businessman turned politician becomes the third leader of the CPC. We’ve been following Erin’s journey,... Read more

We’re marching on Ottawa – JOIN US

  Canadian gun owners have been under attack by the Liberal government since the 2015 election. Bill Blair’s reaction to a horrific tragedy in Nova Scotia committed by a madman with a known criminal past and illicit firearms was to punish legal, RCMP vetted gun owners with a mass gun ban and confiscation plan, all... Read more

MP Motz exposes more Bill Blair lies – Petition Response

On December 17, 2019, CCFR field officer Brad Manysiak teamed up with a sponsor, MP Glen Motz to launch parliamentary e-petition E-2341-Democratic Process, in objection to the proposed Liberal gun ban that was impending. The petition stayed open until February 15, 2020 – closing with a staggering 175,310 signatures, making history as the “most signed”... Read more

Gov’t/RCMP continue to sow confusion for gun owners

July 31, 2020 Gun owners across the country are once again left wondering what the RCMP and the Liberal government are trying to accomplish. A recent RCMP website notice claims that the letters gun owners received about their restricted firearms are not actually registration certificate revocations. So what are they? The RCMP have announced their... Read more