GOA Pushing Constitutional Carry, Suppressor Deregulation

Another State Expands Constitutional Carry! While the media has been hyper-focused on bad gun control bills at the national level, the reality is that good things are happening around the country. Just this week, Idaho’s Governor Brad Little signed a GOA-backed Constitutional Carry Expansion into law. Rep. Christy Zito authored the bill, which was also... Read more

GOA Applauds Idaho for Expanding Constitutional Carry

April 3, 2019For immediate release GOA Applauds Idaho for Expanding Constitutional Carry Pictured from left to right is GOA’s Erich Pratt, Rep. Christy Zito, and ISAA’s Greg Pruett Springfield, VA — Gun Owners of America (GOA) today congratulated the people of Idaho, after Gov. Brad Little signed legislation expanding Constitutional Carry to Idaho’s 18-20 year... Read more

Nullify Federal Gun Control in Missouri!

Support the Second Amendment Preservation Act Urge your state lawmakers to support the nullification of federal gun control! We’re not the first to say that, “Missouri is making a bid to be the most pro-gun state in the nation.” It’s already joined the 17-state “Constitutional Carry Club.” And now there is a serious possibility that... Read more

Stop Gun Confiscation Language in the House!

Gun Confiscation (The Sequel) to be Considered by the House Nancy Pelosi’s House of Representatives is bent on pushing gun control. And her next monstrosity on the docket is H.R. 1585 — a gun confiscation bill that is “the best bill money can buy.” Billionaire Michael Bloomberg reached deep into his pockets in 2018 to... Read more

Snuff Out Gun Confiscation Orders in Minnesota

Stop Gun Confiscation Orders in MN Email your state lawmakers to oppose Gun Confiscation Orders! Urge your State Lawmakers to Reject Gun Control A few weeks ago, we alerted to you about Gun Confiscation legislation in Minnesota. The bill was House File 9. As introduced, the bill had some comical features. If Michael Bloomberg could... Read more