Caldwell Steady Rest NXT

Member Review: The Caldwell Steady Rest NXT

The Caldwell Steady Rest NXT Boxed

The Caldwell Steady Rest NXT Boxed

To start this review off I must say I may be a little biased on this review. This shooting rest is the first manufactured rest that I have ever used. Ive used tree trunks, fences, bi pods and all of the typical make shift rests. With that said I am going to try to give a detailed report on this product leaving the final decision to you on whether or not you buy one.

The Caldwell Steady Rest NXT is about as bottom end as you can get when it comes to shooting rests. When you first look at the box you start to wonder what you just bought because it is so small (approx. 12”x”12”x4’) but with that it is still eye catching packaging. One of the reasons I decided to purchase this rest is its ability to change for what ever function you need. You can shoot full sized hunting rifles, shotguns, shorter rifles and pistols. By removing the center connector it allows you to adjust its length or use only the front rest to suit any shooting needs.

Whats in the box:

When you open up the box you see about 10 chunks of plastic a few screws and some sticky pads. If you believe in using instructions supposedly they throw a set of those is there as well… But by looking at the picture and using some common sense it takes about 5-10 minutes to assemble it and be ready to shoot.

Caldwell Steady Rest NXT

The good:

What I like about this shooting rest is it is very portable, its light weight and small so carrying it around is never an issue and if more space is needed you can strip it apart in minutes and put it back in its box. Also the ability to use it as an adjustable rifle rest and a pistol rest was a big bonus! The quality of this product seems to be “good enough” for what it is, I cant see anyone having much in the way of quality issues unless you go way overboard on the couple screws.

The Bad:

Light weight (yes I said that was a good part but just stay with me) It is at a slight disadvantage with how light it is. It has rubber feet on the bottem that help it stay in place but it is still moveable if you are not cautious. I havnt tried it with my 300 win-mag yet but I have a feeling I will have to weigh it down some to handle the recoil.

From the company:

Caldwell Steady Rest NXT

-Great for rifles, shotguns and handguns

-Non Marring Material

-No bags to fill

-Adjustable elevation

-Light weight


This being my first rifle rest I am satisfied with my purchase. I would definitely recommend this rest for the average target shooter that needs to Zero their scope for hunting season, or the beginner pistol shooter that wants to tune in there skills. If you are looking for a competition grade bench rest to hold your 20 lb bench rifle and rattle off a couple boxes of ammo this is not the rest you are looking for. It fit all my criteria for my needs. Cheap, portable, multipurpose and durable!

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